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Use Case Study

The Luke Commission

“We’re catching data overages before they happen and preventing data overruns”
Sam Riggerman
IT Manager
The Luke Commission

3 questions to Sam Riggerman

Why did you need a service like Datalert?

We experienced very high regional data costs and frequent occasions where individuals run out of data mid-month. That effects the team efficiency and could impact mission achievements.

Datalert allows us to catch employees on pace to run out of data and make adjustments accordingly.

What has been your experience on deploying Datalert?

After resolving the initial glitches, implementation has been very straightforward. “Support has been very strong, The team has responded in a very timely fashion though and moved our project to the next level.”

Which results did you get from Datalert?

We’re catching data overages before they happen and preventing data overruns. Shortly into the project, we’re already starting to see benefits of cost savings from not using excess data and reduced administrative costs resulting from the data overages. I expect cost savings to further increase at the future with added alerts for excess wifi usage as well.”.

The Luke Commission

Since 2005, The Luke Commission (TLC) takes free healthcare to the most isolated and underserved populations, in partnership with the Swazi people and the Ministry of Health. They have deployed Datalert for all employees

With Datalert you're never in the dark about mobile data usage.

Use Case Study


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