The Datalert Solution

Datalert provides real-time data usage visualization thanks to cloud intelligence software that monitors mobile data activity as it occurs from employee devices. 

Administrative Portal + Mobile App

Detailed but intuitive, the Datalert administrative portal and employee app are designed to work together to help you manage mobile devices efficiently and easily, and save on your telecom bills

The Datalert app collects data usage information and provides instantaneous reporting of the usage details that can be accessed via the mobile application itself, and our web-based management console. Datalert is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and all data is stored in their highly secure data centers, protecting your privacy and keeping your data safe.

An Informed

Real-Time Monitoring

Datalert provides a real-time picture of employee data consumption and roaming data usage so you can identify when there are data usage issues.

Overage Alerts

Management console tools allow you to send custom alerts to users when established usage thresholds are approaching or have been reached, and restrict or disable data usage and roaming on individual lines.

Monthly Overviews

Employees get to see their own data usage volume and take charge of their usage by setting personal notifications. The portion of overall usage is displayed based on established user thresholds.

An Informed Approach


Datalert provides a picture of employee data consumption and roaming data usage in real time and lets you know when a line is roaming


Detailed reporting of data usage volume by type and period, and an analysis of roaming costs by geographic zone.


Management console tools allow you to establish employee usage thresholds, send custom alerts, and restrict or disable data.

Simple Integration with All Major Mobile Device Management Solutions

Datalert is compatible with major mobile device management software providers including Mobile Iron, Citrix, AirWatch, IBM MaaS360 and Microsoft InTunes. Through these strategic partnerships, our customers have the ability to leverage their existing mobile management infrastructures and authorize or cut off data usage on enrolled company devices. In addition, the Datalert app can be pushed to end users automatically as part of MDM capabilities.