Datalert setup for Microsoft Intune

This document outlines the 7 steps to get started with Datalert for Microsoft Intune customers using the Datalert setup wizard. All the steps and settings can also be manually managed using the standard Datalert menus and navigation. Another document outlines steps to activate Datalert connection with Intune.

Step 1 - Start the wizard setup in "Settings / Wizard setup"

The first screen summarizes the 6 different steps of the setup

Click on "Next"

Step 2 - Line import

If it is not previously completed, you can import your lines using a downloadable template. For each line Datalert requires the following: First and last name, email, phone number. A “tag” field is also available and can be used to add other information about the line for sort capabilities (such as carrier, cost center…)

NB: From the lines menu at any time, you can add phone lines manually. Lines enrolled into Microsoft EMS Intune are also automaticaly added to Datalert and do not need to be imported.

Click on « Skip this step” or “Next”

Step 3 - Carrier / plan creation

In this step you can create the carrier plan or use an existing one. You define a name for the plan, the data allowance for domestique usage and the billing date (bill cycle). You can use the check box below to define the plan as a default plan for this carrier.

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Step 4 - Zones setup

In this step you create the different zones that are attached to the carrier plans. For each zone you select the countries that are part of the plan using the interactive map, the search engine or the preset continents and define the data allowance (if any) and the price per MB for overages. You can create as many zones as you need to.

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Step 5 - Thresholds and actions setup

Either for domestic usage as for roaming usage per zone, you can define the different thresholds and the related actions you want to be taken when they are hit. Messages can be choosen and customized in this step.

By giving a name to those settings you can create a "Policy" that can be applied to differents lines and can be modify at any moment. The policy created is liked to the carrier plan it had been created under and can be applied per default for the lines having this carrier plan.

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Step 6 - Selection of the lines

Select the lines you want the previous configured settings to apply to. The selected line(s) need to have the same billing cycle day and of course the same carrier. A search engine allows a quick search and selection using the “tag” field.

Click “Next”

Step 7 - Sending messages for deployment (optional)

This is the final step in the setup. The admin can sends to the end user(s) either or both of the following messages. Of course the preferred way is to deploy the app using Intune.


Click “Next” to finish.

Please note: At anytime after the initial setup you can launch the wizard to add or manage your deployment.